While East Fork Stables doesn’t have a lot of rules, all participants are expected to respect the camps, trails, fellow riders, and behave in a manner conducive to family fun. All riders must sign a waiver of liability upon arrival. Download our WAIVER here.

The following rules and policies apply to all guests:

All guests must check in at office upon arrival, unless Express Check-in has been completed.

As required by Tennessee law, all horses and mules must have proof of current, negative Coggins Test before unloading.

While East Fork Stables makes every effort to insure that the trails and facilities are safe, we assume no risk nor liability for injuries resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. (TN Code Ann. Title 44, Chapter 20)

All riders must sign a waiver of liability upon arrival.

Owner must care for horses during visit.

Check In – 2 PM, Check Out – 10 AM

Reservations confirmed upon receipt of deposit.

Cancellation policy: All Reservations require 14 days notice prior to your arrival to receive full deposit refund.

Our quiet time starts at 11:00 pm. If the reservation is in your name, you are responsible for your group’s conduct. Loud or unruly behavior will not be tolerated. No rough riding, racing or riding through campgrounds. You may be asked to leave the premises with no refund. Please respect your fellow campers at all times.

Trash cans are located along the trails for your convenience. Please utilize them while on the trail or carry your litter back to the campsite.

Stay on marked trails unless you have to negotiate an obstacle. Breaking the trails causes erosion and environmental damage plus unnecessary trail maintenance.

Pets in campgrounds, barns, or office must be kept on a leash.

Your dog companion is welcome under the following terms:

  • Restrained such that it will not chase or bother horses, campers or other dogs;
  • Fido cannot run loose unattended;
  • No patrolling the kitchen for supper;
  • Friendly to all who may encounter it on the grounds or trail;
  • Pooper scoopers will be appreciated by all;
  • When not in your company, pooch must be leashed, caged or confined within your unit;
  • No barking.

Please Enjoy Your Stay And Allow East Fork Stables To Continue Being Dog Friendly!

No swimming allowed in ponds. Many are silt ponds.

No unauthorized motorcycles or ATV’s allowed in campgrounds or on trails.

If you tie your horse to a tree it must be cross-tied. The owner of any horse damaging a tree may be charged $100.00 replacement fee.

Damage to a lodging unit or any East Fork properties may institute a fee for damages and a deposit fee for any future reservations. If there are no damages, fee would be refunded on departure. There is NO SMOKING in the Lodging units, if so, you will get charged a $50.00 additional cleaning fee.